For the last decade, Google cars mounted with panoramic cameras have been plying the streets of the world, automatically taking hundreds of thousands of 360 degree photographs that are stitched together and uploaded to its Street View database.

Analog Street View is a collaboratively produced, analog version inspired by Google’s documentation of the world’s streets. But instead of Google’s indiscriminate and automatic cameras, Analog Street View will be generated by participants, who will be invited to record the passing landscape with markers and pencil crayons on a giant roll of rotating paper, mounted on a bike cart and following the various tours throughout the city.

Analog Street view was initially developed as part of the 2017 Art Spin Roving Residency. Each Art Spin tour produced its own Street View record. These rolls of paper were then unraveled, stitched together, and displayed in an immersive, panoramic display at Desire Lines, the Art Spin exhibitionhosted at the third and final tour of the season. The exhibit gave participants an opportunity to recount and explore the sites and scenes of Art Spin 2017.

Analog Street View has also participated in the Reading Line, Taste of Regent Park, and the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival.


Art Spin, June 2017 tour

Art Spin, July 2017 tour

Art Spin, August 2017 tour and exhibit

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