I recently learnt how to use video editing software!
Enjoy this selection of short films, with more content on the way.

Ice Island (December 2020)

A music video I created for Bobby Gadda featuring short, mesmerizing ice videos I shot on Toronto Island between 2014 and 2020.

Dismantling Stubborn Structures (December 2020)

When it comes to encampments and their residents, the City of Toronto and its politicians are saying one thing, but doing another. This short doc made with Alykhan Pabani exposes what we and others in the Encampment Support Network have been documenting on the ground, including interviews with residents and footage from encampment clearings.

Walking the Land (August 2020)

As part of Rabbi Rachel Rosenbluth’s Soul Brew Series, which presented a daily journey through the Jewish month of Elul to prepare for the High Holy Days. My contribution examined our relationship to the land and what Elul can teach us about our responsibilities toward the treaties and Wampum. 


COVIDFASHION is an interactive documentary and pageant exploring the city and the future of fashion in the new COVID world, as part of InterAccessVector Festival.

Hosted by Ayodele Hudlin and featuring Toronto-based designers Renika Hall, Lana Kuidir, and Diseiye Thompson, the documentary was a collaboration with Ayodele Hudlin, Natalie Logan and Julie Reich (who created original music).

Social Distancing Machine (April 2020)

Created on behalf of the Toronto Public Space Committe in collaboration with Bobby Gadda, our Social Distancing Machine demonstrated why Toronto needed to close major streets like Yonge during the first wave of COVID-19.

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