Moving through Space
May 3, 2020

Jane’s Walk Toronto panel
Moderated by Nadia Galati (PROCESS), featuring Candice Leung (8-80 Cities, TTC Riders), Phillliz Goh, and Mikael Coleville-Anderson (Copenhagenize)

Supporting retail affordability with public spaces
March 28, 2019

Toronto Public Library - On Civil Society Speaker Series 

plazaPOPS: supporting strip mall retail with social infrastructure
April 6, 2019

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Dissapearing Main Streets Symposium
Co-presented with Brendan Stewart, this talk explored the history and form of Toronto’s inner suburban retail, its urban planning context, the crisis of affordability in a  context of change and plazaPOPS, our pilot project to support retail affordability with social infastructure. You can watch the talk here

Art as City Building 

March 8, 2018 and February 7, 2019
City Studies Workshop, University of Toronto Scarborough
Invited as a guest lecture for Zahra Ebrahim’s City Studies Workshop, I shared some past projects while speaking about how art can shape the way we see, understand, and relate to cities, informing the broader city building conversation.

A City Continuously Subdivided

July 23, 2017
Art Spin Shoreline SpeakersSeries
As part of Art Spin’s Shoreline Speakers Series, my talk explored Toronto’s permanent state of amnesia, land speculation, harbingers of memory, the instability of physical geography and my Art Spin Roving Residency project, Analog Street View.

Mapping Toronto

September 22, 2016
Panel at the Toronto Reference Library
As a complement to the Reference Library’s autumn 2016 exhibit, the Art of Cartography, I participated in a panel discussion along with Marlena Zuber and Flavio Trevisan, moderated by Shawn Micallef. The panel explored our work and the peculiar nature of doing cartography in Toronto, the unknown city.

Memory and Architecture

March 21, 2016
Koffler Gallery Salon Series, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto
As a guest at the Koffler Salon Series, I spoke about my experience illustrating many of Benjamin Brown’s most notable buildings in Toronto, along with a giant wall map to accompany an exhibit of his work at the Urbanspace Gallery at 401 Richmond. Listen to the talk here (47:40 - 102:20)

On Capers

May 11, 2015
Trampoline Hall, The Garrison, Toronto
I explore my past through the lense of my pickiness - as a child, I wouldn’t eat anything I didn’t trust. And what’s less trust worthy than Capers? Nobody even knows what they are! A humorous account of my childhood and how one thing can be two things.

There’s a here, here

September 21, 2015
Scarborough Arts: Poetry Came in Search of Me, the Bluffs Gallery, Scarborough
As part of the opening of Scarborough Arts’ autumn exhibit launch event and open mic, I spoke about finding meaning in the suburban landscape of Scarborough, and how underlying ecologies effect our psyches.

All the Libraries Toronto

April 9, 2015
Nerd Nite Toronto, TRANZAC
My first presentation of my journey to visit and illustrate all 100 branches (and two bookmobiles) of the Toronto Public Library. Made a nifty power point presentation to go along with it.

Carolinia, Toronto’s Bioregion

June, 2013
Urban Ecologies Conference, OCADu, Toronto
Attended by academics, artists, planners, arborists and architects, the Urban Ecologies Conference brought together leaders in the field of city building who acknowledge that cities are organism, and sustainability must start from that point. I presented my research on Carolinia, Toronto’s Bioregion, arguing that a bioregional approach would emphasize ecology in Toronto’s identity.

The Nature of Things: Everything is Everything

August, 2011
Fuller Terrace Lectures Series, Halifax
As part of this backyard lecture series, I delivered a talk called Everything is Everything. Based on research I had done for my thesis, the talk was my first artistic departure from academia. I explore this history of the concept of nature, how cities are natural, and how that shifts the conversation of environmentalism toward social justice. Watch it here, and see the animated GIFs here.

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